A blog post by novelist Yvette Geer

As a kid who moved to a new state (or country) every few years, I became accustomed to saying goodbye. Goodbye to family and friends, and somewhere along the way, I discovered my love of books. In my early adolescent years, I ran through stacks of mystery novels within weeks and quickly realized I wanted to write my own stories. [...]

I want Lindsey Vonn to win.

That's all I can say.  

Congratulations to Robert E. Hoxie!

Robert's dreams of seeing his screenplay , The Beekeeper, make it to the screen, have come even closer. Ryan Baker, of Six Gun Pictures, LLC, has exercised his option to produce The Beekeeper.  Good things are in store for Robert, congratulations!

A rainy Sunday afternoon at Starbucks

I was not sure it would be worth my time or money to attend RWA this year; I wanted to attend the last time RWA was held in Orlando, Florida, many years ago, when the conference got relocated to Florida due to the flooding at Opryland. At the time, my kids were very young, and we had a choice as [...]


Hi, and welcome to the first-ever blog post of the Barone Literary Agency. Please take a look around. I hired Dawn at Austin DesignWorks to redesign my website, as I knew it was in serious need of repair. I will be posting regularly, so please take a look and visit. Thanks, Denise Barone