Laurie Albano

Laurie Albano

I hope the excerpt from my book, IN DEEP made you wonder, or even shocked you. Slaughter, you ask? Yep, slaughter!

What else would you call the hacking off of fins (AKA “finning”) from live sharks, to the tune of 70-100 million dead animals each year? It’s done to feed the need for shark fin soup, a tasteless staple of the affluent in Asia and Asian communities around the world.

It’s what’s going on in our world and oceans today (and has been for years)—the destruction of an entire species that has existed, even before the dinosaurs, to appease the greed and culture of a people stuck in the past.

IN DEEP was specifically written with a purpose in mind—to educate and propel readers to care about these amazing and wrongly-maligned animals, and see them as I do.

This book was inspired by my lifelong love and fascination with sharks. And it was my utter disdain for those members of the public who are indifferent to the brutal treatment of shark finning that has been the fuel and passion for my writings.

In Deep

Contemporary Romance

Love is in the lively air of Cape Town, South Africa but vacationing homicide detective Trisha Roberts—fresh from divorcing her verbally and emotionally abusive louse of a spouse—doesn’t desire a whiff of that noxious emotion.

By spending six long weeks in the foreign tourist town, her aim is to kick back and forget the opposite sex. Too bad a chance meeting with local great white shark researcher and standup guy Mike McEllis on one of Cape Town’s abundant beaches derails her plan, immediately leaving her intrigued and attracted.

Soon the stranger stirring up Trisha’s emotions is showing up everywhere she turns. And though she’s convinced McEllis is the absolute last thing she wants or needs, the native New Yorker finds herself fighting a world of feelings for the shark crusader living and working on the opposite end of the globe who, much to her chagrin, just may be the love of her life.

Publishing Info
Release Date: March 17, 2015
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
ISBN-10: 1625261985
ISBN-13: 978-1625261984