Lynn Petersen

Lynn Petersen

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Treading on Dandelions

When the world as they know it is destroyed, Elizabeth Johannson and her two children, David and Jacob, embark on a journey of survival against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Elizabeth Johannson and her children live in a time of war and fear. Their once peaceful community has been ravaged and looted by various domestic marauding groups and is now besieged by a foreign force so large that there is no hope of survival.

Driven to the mountains, Elizabeth and her people live day to day surviving the last of the marauders and the constant fear of attack by the looming foreign force in the valley below them. Elizabeth is charged with a camp of women deep in the mountains and her children live with a group of mountain men at the front lines facing the foreign force.

Torn from her children and her camp, Elizabeth finds herself pursued by a tenacious warrior, Jacob who is a member of one of the most ruthless marauding groups that exists, and she must run for her life and try to find a way back to those she loves.

Publishing Info
Release Date: August 20, 2014
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
ISBN-10: 1625261101
ISBN-13: 978-1625261106