Denise Gwen

Denise Gwen

One night, when Denise Gwen was thirteen years old, her mother kept her up half the night, in order to edify her and make her aware of the many charms and talents of Jane Austen.

Her mother then proceeded to act out key scenes from a copy of Emma, which her mother then presented to her as a gift. Denise read Emma and didn’t really ‘get’ Jane Austen. Not right away, in any event. It wasn’t until she read Pride and Prejudice, that Denise finally ‘got’ Jane Austen, and instantly became a convert and worshipful admirer of all things Austen.

Denise hopes that one day her writing will reach the same sublime level as a Jane Austen novel; all she can do in the meantime, however, is continue to work at her craft.

Denise Gwen lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two cats, one of whom is an excellent mouser, the other one, not so much. The cat, you know.

The Tempting Alaskan Doctor

Television newswoman Helena Parker’s new gig will resurrect her flagging career, but it involves filming the taciturn Doctor Mark Roethlisberger as he attends to his medical practice in the remote village of Hoonah Alaska, deep in the inside passage that borders Canada.

Publishing Info
Release Date: December 7, 2021
Publisher: Cayelle Publishing

Judge Not

Book One in the Rivertown Romance Series

When Henry meets Charlotte, and when Charlotte meets Henry, the two lost souls will connect with one another in a way that neither one of them ever imagined possible. As their red-hot love ignites the frozen streets of Cincinnati, Charlotte and Henry’s love story will warm your heart.

It’s a bitterly cold winter in Cincinnati, Charlotte’s just been discharged from a sanatorium for a suicide attempt that was more a cry for help, and she received the help and she’s grateful, but she’s still feeling sad and lonely. Enter Henry. He’s at the top of his career and poised for a promotion, and yet his life is empty and lonely.

Publishing Info
Release Date: February 17, 2021
Publisher: Barone Literary Agency

Trailer Park Wives -- Singlewide

Trailer Park Wives Series Book One

Why, oh why, did Anne Marie Whitehall take her own life, swallowing away her pain and her grief with a handful of Nembutal capsules and a bottle of Merlot?

Well, someone knows, a certain sylph-like brunette, but she ain’t talking.

Publishing Info
Release Date: January 29, 2021
Publisher: Barone Literary Agency


Maddie wants to get her father out of the deep carbonite freeze that Ezekiel, the warlock of Salem Castle, has imprisoned him into.

Maddie, her mother, her nana, and her sister, flee in the dark of night and find a temporary home in an abandoned nursing home in the sleepy burg of Batavia, Ohio.

As Maddie works on ways to rescue her father, she is besieged with problems of her own. The nursing home is haunted, and Maddie is attacked first by a horde of mice, then by poisonous spiders. What is going on?

And what will it take to get Maddie’s family back together?

Publishing Info
Release Date: August 3, 2018
Publisher: Barone Literary Agency

The Heartbalm Effect

Book One in the Medicine Women of Alaska

Recent medical school grad Rachel Levange is treating her one-year residency at the clinic in Gnometown, Alaska, strictly as a step on her way to success at the Mayo Clinic. But she doesn’t count on Dr. Paul Livingston, who considers the hardscrabble clinic as his calling. He falls for the sultry brunette and longs to keep her at his clinic . . . and in his bed. But when the Mayo Clinic comes a calling, Rachel has a difficult decision to make. Does she choose her career . . . or her heart?

Publishing Info
Release Date: October 10, 2017
Publisher: Barone Literary Agency